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AI Paris 2019: behind the scenes

AI Paris 2019: behind the scenes

By Noa Halfon


June 20, 2019




enfr immersed itself once again in the heart of Artificial Intelligence issues during the AI Paris 2019 show. Let's discover together the main actors of tomorrow's technological innovation.

Artificial Intelligence, an emerging sector, is gradually becoming integrated and has an impact on all sectors and structures, from large groups to start-ups and research laboratories.

The Palais des Congrès in Paris welcomed more than 5,000 visitors on June, 11 & 12 2019 for the 3rd edition of the AI Paris 2019 show, organised by the Corp Agency. After immersing ourselves in VivaTech a few weeks ago, we then discovered new AI practices of leading companies in this sector .

A total of some 110 exhibitors and 80 speakers, from promising start-ups to large groups already well established, animated the renowned Palais des Congrès around topics like challenges and uses of Artificial Intelligence. The event was structured around strategic conferences (not open to the general public to our great regret), experience feedback, workshops and networking sessions.

AI Paris 2019: adapt and implement an AI strategy

What types of technologies for which uses? What are real contributions of AI to business processes? These are all questions that the speakers tried to answer in workshops produced (free and open to everyone). These 30-minute interactive sessions allowed organizations (such as IBM, Oracle, Dataiku or Genci) to present their innovative solutions through different use cases.

To set up a transition and acculturation whatever the sector of activity is one of the major challenges that appears for companies in order to take full advantage from the growing potential of these technological innovations. Thus, recruiting and training teams to industrialize AI projects and implement a real strategy is essential for these organizations.

The three new 2019 software products came straight from the start-up space that caught our attention are::

  • JetPack Data's dashboard visualization and analysis solution

We discovered JetPack Data being attracted in a stand by an enthusiastic exhibitor proud to present us the product of his young company. The self-service BI solution developed by the start-up is an analysis tool that converts any file into a database that can be used by business users. Dynamic and easy-to-use graphics allows teams to collaborate, analyze and optimize decisions.

  • Optimization, monitoring and of the customer journey prediction : Datakili focuses on data

Datakili software integrates 4 dimensions: data collection from different channels, automatic analysis of customer paths, decision simplification and optimization, prediction thanks to machine learning in order to improve personalization.
In short, Datakili's tool helps to manage its marketing automation strategy through relevant customer insights, analyses and visualizations for timely marketing activation.

The dashboard of the Datakili solution

  • An AI software based on a question and answer system: a computing solution by reciTAL

Everybody talked about this start-up with Genius, its Natural Language Automatic Processing solution. This intelligent answer engine based on a question and answer system allows you to find the information you are looking for more quickely in a knowledge base (a large dataset, developed by the reciTAL team itself). A valuation of your data that offers a significant time saving.

The company was more than present at this show due to the fact that it was also selected by the jury of the AI Paris Awards to defend its project during the battle against two other finalists: NNTO by Datavaloris and Nanoedge AI by CarteSiam.

AI Paris Awards: an initiative to reward start-ups

"The objective of the AI Paris Awards is to highlight projects diversity and quality conducted by startups in the AI ecosystem and to reward and promote the most innovative project," said Romane Clausse and Clémence Simmelide, members of the Corp Agency and organizers of event's conferences.

The final was held on the second day of the exhibition at 12 noon on the stage of the Grand Amphitheatre of the Palais des Congrès in a pitch battle. The jury of independent experts and the public selected the three finalists:, NNTO (by Data Valoris) and reciTAL.

With its new Genius product, but also its Quieto software, a solution for automating message flows in companies, the name of the lucky winner was not so complicated to guess... The young reciTAL start-up, that made speak a lot about it during this third edition, won the AI Paris Awards competition. AI for Good award, and jury's favourite, has finally gone to the Bodyguard application, which protects all its users from hate comments against them.

The Corp Agency, which specialises in organising B2B meetings in the field of new technologies, does not stop there, of course, and offers a wide range of shows and conferences for all those who are keen on progress and innovation. Feel free to take a look at the agency's future events.